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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Roots of transformational change in schooling

As a central office administrator my experiences and encounters with ideas addressing change are that they are more likely sustained when the concept(s) are organic in nature and become part of the culture of the institution. Sustainable change is also more likely when a shared vocabulary exists among the stakeholders as well as a shared vision of excellence. Building the capacity of sustainable change is the responsibility of the entire organization. This is where initiatives of intervention often erode: The sense of urgency to embrace effective transformational change is not shared by all - teachers, administrators, students, parents, boards of education, community members, businesses. Oftentimes barrier policies and practices impeded the change process…not to mention apathy, incompetence and ignorance. To make change part of a schooling institution there must be a ownership, trust, a tolerance to error, an effective reward system and a process that empowers the passionate participant connection to the goals and outcomes. Unfortunately, not many learning venues are framed in this manner – yet!

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