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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Arts-Based Learning supports "The Creative Risk".

Transformative school models implementing the helianthus LLC six-strand Arts-Based Learning system lead students, teachers, administrators, parents and communities through the “Creative Risk” process necessary for schooling success in the 21st century.

Engaging all the stakeholders in the schooling processes by nurturing individual passions (interests in learning) allows greater focus on individualized learning, leading to higher levels of achievement through relevant engagement.

Corporate America is on the fast track for these concepts…America’s schools used to be better at this idea before compliance to the “big test” was the major outcome of the schooling processes. Interestingly, foreign educators still admire the American use of the arts and creativity (in its former and current settings) even though we seem to be going full speed in the opposite direction. Are we smart enough to reroute the train in the Arts-Based Learning direction? I think so….but let’s do it sooner than later…or even, NOW!

In November of 2010, helianthus LLC was the only West Virginia firm or institution represented at the World Creativity Forum in Oklahoma City, supported by Create Oklahoma. (Somewhat fortuitous with WVU’s admission into the Big 12…)

Check out the recent link to David Burkus from Create Oklahoma and the “Creative Risk”.