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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A new schooling model is needed now!

The Arts bring so much more to the learning environment than an enhanced skill or ability but a sense of “connoisseurship” (Elliot Eisner) as well as the work ethic of a “discipline”. These are valuable commodities in today’s innovation-driven business climate. Artists also work collaboratively in the production/presentation of their work: orchestras, dancers, actors, set designers, costumers, writers, composers, choreographers – a musical.

Vijay Govindarajon from the Tuck Business Schools stated that “innovation is a collaborative function, creativity is individual.” So now, more than ever we need creative students emerging from our schools but Sir Ken Robinson tells us that today’s schooling environments are “uneducating” the curious nature in children by focusing on national policy of standards-based core curriculum where student compliance is more valued than creativity. Both Govindarajon and Robinson agree that for a learning environment to effectively nurture innovation and creativity a tolerance for error must be allowed. Again, developing this type of learning environment seems impossible as long as education policy dictates compliance. A new schooling model is needed, now!

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